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  • Ike Miller

So, what’s up with the crazy flooring price increases?

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Thank Suppliers and Manufacturers for missing the boat

Yes these are some crazy times we endure… with COVID-19 hopefully at bay in our area, we can only now forecast what flooring material pricing and availability will look like through the rest of the summer, fall and winter months.

When the World shut down people worked from home. Children attempted to learn remotely, and the “home” space took an an entirely new dimension. Manufacturers and distributors counted on the fact that people were going to stay home and NOT take on projects in their abode…

WRONG! We have seen incredible sales and installation of carpet, Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile and hardwood in the past ten to twelve months. Fuel prices, backlogs at seaports, domestic container shortages and spotty inventory of styles and colors have all contributed to the pricing increases that continue across the board in flooring products. Unlike the lumber and hardwood markets, flooring futures are not traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Lumber has fallen 40% in price recently on the spot market but any decrease in wholesale hardwood flooring prices has yet to happen. A perceived labor shortage in many manufacturing segments further squeezes the production pipeline. Manufacturers of flooring are closely monitoring future availability of products and raising their prices to retailers accordingly.

South wind Building Products took a close look at their pricing and recently lowered their wholesale costs for carpeting! According to some folks at the company, they decided that their profit margin was “good enough” and passed reduced manufacturing costs to the retailer and therefore the consumer. I hope we see more of this goodwill in the industry. Sadly, I think this bright light from one manufacturer is not the future normal.

So when should our clients’ buy flooring?

My advice to our clients’ is to buy smart. Look at your home… do your floors look tired, old or uninviting? Are you thinking of selling or just want to brighten your environment up? The “happiness factor” is important. We pay good money to enjoy our homes. Flooring construction, quality and perceived longevity have advanced significantly in the last decade. Sadly, many poor choices are available for residential flooring. Please educate yourself, trust your flooring provider and choose wisely!

The quality of the products and craftsmanship in installation will live with you and your home for decades.

Karla and Ike Miller at Miller Carpets would love to help you choose the right affordable flooring for your home. Measurements and advice are always free.

We work with you. No “estimators”, no high-pressure sales promotions or gimmicks. No layers of multiple people attempting to sell you. My wife and I will walk you through the design and installation process personally. We deliver a personal and professional service for our clients unmatched by our counterparts in the industry.

Please come and see us!

Experience what we deliver.



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